miercuri, 1 decembrie 2010


I am going to give you the method that I myself used to become successful on NeoBux. It is simple but very profitable, you can use this method if you have already created an account but i recommend that you create an account again and start from scratch.

Step 1 (signing up): The first thing we need to do is to create an account with neobux, this is easily done by clicking the link bellow. The link bellow Will sign you up as my referral this will help me keep track of your progress and i Will be able to answer and queries you have more easily.

Click here to sign up

Step 2 (Earning money): Okay now you have created your account and logged in its time to get down to business. Before we go any further i will make it clear that their is no need to invest any money into NeoBux but if you choose to it will mean you will not have to wait as long to start making real money.

Okay well firstly you will not be making £50 plus straight away, it will take time and allot of patience so if you don't have that then you might as well stop reading but if you do then you will see that a long term investment will pay off in the end and continue to pay.

The key to making money on NeoBux is through referrals but i wont jump straight into that we will work towards it. So now you have your account up and running we will start my clicking advertisements for money, this is how you will earn enough money to buy your referrals, it is simple to do you just click the advert so it loads and then wait for the timer to say your account has been credited. You will earn 1cent for every advertisement you click, i know it sounds like nothing but you have to be patient and keep clicking adverts to get your money because once you have enough you can start buying referrals who will show a dramatic increase in funds, trust me Ive made it.

Okay so click the adverts everyday and when you have $0.75 you will have enough to purchase your first 3 referrals. now you can get their allot quicker by investing 5 dollars or more but I'm assuming your not investing.
Now be careful because this is the part where most people go wrong, when you have earned $0.75 don't just rush and buy your 3 referrals because you wont have money to maintain them and they will eventually be taken away, so save about 3 dollars this will give you enough money to easily maintain them. I will explain more on this later.

Step 3 (Buying Referrals): Now this is the part where your going to start making money!
Okay so you have now earned enough money to purchase your first three referrals. so go ahead and buy your first three referrals by clicking "account summary" then "referrals". Now choose the amount you would like to purchase but remember to have some money left over to maintain them.

Okay so you have your first few referrals, this is the exciting part. You will get money for every click your referral makes so start by maintaining these referrals and then purchase new ones every week until you have a large number of them.
So for example week 1 you buy 3 referrals.
Week 2 you buy 30 referrals
Week 3 you buy 50 referrals
Week 4 you buy 100 referrals

Now all these referrals are clicking and making money for you! so within 4 weeks you have 148 referrals, just imagine how many more you will have in another 4 week! It is now when your money will start to grow.

Step 5 (Maintaining Referrals): Now this is a must but lucky for us its easy to do. Now i suggest that you always get rid of the "dead links". This is basically exchanging referrals that no longer click anymore for new ones. This is known as recycling and is the best way to make sure your getting the most profit from your referrals.

A second good method is to enable "Autopay". This is an option that when enabled will make your referrals pay for them self. Referrals cost $0.30 to rent for another month so enabling Autopay will mean that they will pay for them self each day by saving a percentage of the money they earn for you. I do recommend that you turn this on because it saves you from having a big expenditure at the end of every referral month.

Now that's really all there is to it. The hardest part by far is saving for your first referrals but once you have got past this stage its great. I cant tell you how happy i am that i was introduced to NeoBux and i hope you will be just as happy.

Now i have over 4000 referrals and i am making huge money everyday for just clicking my advertisements and letting the referrals do the rest. Its great and yes it took time and patience but i now i can enjoy an extra $50+ everyday and you can too for FREE!

Now i will help all of my followers and referrals with any problems you may have so please do not hesitate to contact me. Please do try this method because if you follow it i can guarantee you profit.

Best wishes!